My Favorites

I love using the Platinum 3000 every day (It has Black Seed Oil in it, and I’ve added a few drops each of Pumpkin Seed Oil, Tea Tree, Clove Oil, and Sweet Basil Oil to the 1 ounce bottle).

Platinum 3000
Organic Platinum 3000 with Black Seed Oil Essential Oil
$199.99 1oz (On Sale till 1/15/18)

bring the body back to balance:
emotions, hormones & organs
plus immune, nervous, digestive,
respiratory & endocrine
Black Seed Oil
Organic Black Seed Oil Essential Oil
$24.97 15ml

contains lots of TQ, THQ & Thymol to
Kill Fungi, Molds
Kills even Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Fortifies Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys
Skin Tone
Helps Against Cancer, Diabetes
Gallstones, Ulcers, etc
Tea Tree Oil
Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
$21.97 15ml

Improves acne
antibacterial and antifungal
Heal Burns
eczema and psoriasis
Clove Oil
Organic Clove Essential Oil
$25.97 15ml

Colds, asthma, Insect repellant
Kills mold & fungus
Boosts energy
Not for Internal Use if Undiluted!
Sweet Basil Oil
Sweet Basil Essential Oil
$21.97 15ml

Antibacterial & Antiviral
Urinary & Ear Infections
Reduce Stress & Acne

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